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Atlantix is a financial and business advisory firm providing a broad range of consulting solutions to middle-market companies, including; public and private companies, portfolio companies, private equity owners, lenders, and executive teams. With over 20 years of unmatched experience and specialized skills, we recognize the stakes are high as business gets more competitive and leaders face increasing pressure to create real value under compressed time frames. It is tough to make up the lost compounding years, so when time is of the essence, leading companies pick Atlantix as a go-to partner in solving basic blocking and tackling problems today, in order to maximize tomorrow's value.

Our relationship often begins in the office of the CFO and rapidly expands to the functional areas of operations, technology, and digital services. Atlantix works at the intersection of business and technology by driving efficiencies using the domain expertise of our professionals coupled with advanced data analytics. We help companies find their edge, boost performance, and drive verifiable deltas in enterprise value. What information do you need to make a sound investment decision? Do you have the time and confidence in the numbers coming out of the company? These are vital questions that must be answered at critical moments, and our clients frequently turn to us for guidance.

Our team-focused delivery model coupled with a talent-heavy ecosystem significantly reduces execution risk. Our professionals are knowledgeable and skilled leaders with a singular goal: to deliver measurable, lasting results. What differentiates us from our competitors is the combination of our technical knowledge, industry expertise, and prior leadership experience. Our professionals come from public accounting or large national consulting firms and have walked in your shoes as former business, finance, and technology leaders. This first-hand knowledge allows us to leverage our experience into practical, common-sense solutions for you and your business.


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Alexandra Mores
Managing Partner and Co-Founder
Lisa Fox
Michael Moffitt
Robert Stafford
Walter Mores

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