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Our private equity clients are distinguished because, quite simply, they consistently win in the middle market. Atlantix has been the go-to resource to PE’s most consistent and successful brands for a reason. We have an enduring track record of success through an A list of clients coupled with long- standing relationships. We stand by our work and the success of our clients

In a race to capture greater market share, the pressures on manufacturers has never been greater to become more agile, innovative and efficient is strong and growing, with traditional and new players in a race to capture market share. In the wake of global disruptions, including supply chain issues and major technology changes, the manufacturing industry is exponentially more complex than it was just a short time ago.


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Change is a constant in the American healthcare system, with ever-shifting regulatory requirements, reimbursement models, cybersecurity threats and constantly emerging delivery methods, all geared toward improving care and controlling cost. But it’s hard to make forward progress when providers, life sciences companies, insurers and other players can’t accurately measure costs and outcomes—something that’s all too common.

The energy industry is undergoing major changes, between the post pandemic recovery, growing concerns over CO2 emissions, work stoppages and supply chain problems. Technological disruption, volatile commodities, geopolitical forces make the landscape that much more unpredictable. Demand and supply of various energy sources may look quite different moving forward.


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Technology and software companies today operate in an environment of constant and disruptive change. From the demands of an increasingly mobile workforce to the pressures of cybersecurity to the rapid evolution of IoT, blockchain and machine learning, the challenges have never been more complex or intertwined. As the distinctions between hardware, software, cloud, and managed services blur and the playing field gets ever-more crowded. 


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