Atlantix Digital Solutions

The link between operations and finance. Automate the end-to-end financial and operational data management and reporting processes.


Flexible and Scalable

A scalable and secure cloud-based platform that complements and integrates with your existing IT infrastructure.


Designed For Your Needs

Customized solutions that are uniquely designed for your needs by our in-house development team.


Minimize Time-to-Value

Designed and executed using an iterative build process that reduces risk, delivers results quickly and lowers your total cost of ownership.



All-in-One Solution

Stop worrying about managing financial and operational data across dispersed and isolated systems. With EdgeVu's suite of modular technologies, data silos can be eliminated. Proprietary systems will no longer be operational hurdles. Start focusing on harnessing the data within your enterprise to generate insights and drive business strategy.

Full data life-cycle automation

Customized and Tailored solutions

Integrate multiple types of information into an articulated space

Take advantage of new accounting, reporting, auditing, and analysis tools

EDGEVU Advantage

A-la-carte Solution

We know you probably have a lot of technology and processes already in place. So we'll work with you to seamlessly weave EdgeVu into your existing infrastructure.

Proven, tested integrations for your tech stack

Comprehensive and flexible APIs to support your workflows

Extensive ecosystem of data analytics and BI tools for limitless functionality, options and services



Finding the right ecosystem of technologies to deliver the promise of actionable insights from disparate sources can be a real struggle. EdgeVu™ changes all of this with a flexible solution that retrieves, transforms and visualizes your data.

Which EDGEVU solution is right for you ?