Atlantix Partners

Atlantix Partners has built a team of exceptional, experienced advisors who are passionate about consulting. No matter which sector of Atlantix Partners you turn to, our teams "roll up their sleeves" and work alongside your professionals to deliver sustainable success. We support companies at each stage of their lifecycle from pre-revenue through Fortune 100. Our professionals specialize in delivering account, finance, data automation, and technology solutions that drive sustainable, bottom-line results.

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Delivers flexible, curated accounting and finance teams for entrepreneurs and investors at all stages of growth. Focuses on CFO services and leadership, strategic accounting and finance initiatives, process transformation, mergers and acquisitions, and support projects. Well-versed in several industries with tailored support in technology, professional services, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, and retail.

Serves small to medium size companies and nonprofits in over 50 industries who want to optimize their processes, enhance performance, and gain financial visibility into what drives results and maximizes corporate wealth. Specializes in strategic financial consulting, optimizing accounting departments, systems and integration, reporting and analysis, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence and succession planning.

Specializes in a range of accounting, finance, information technology compliance, and data security solutions to reduce risks, bridge resource gaps and optimize company-wide financial performance. Serves all-sized enterprises, including Fortune 50 companies, closely held entities, start-ups, and nonprofits. Delivers best practice knowledge providing a distinct advantage allowing seamless implementation.

Caters to consumer brands offering Accounting, CFO, FP&A, Transaction Advisory, and Tax solutions. Experts in inventory, retail, Omni Channel, and processes related to scaling consumer companies. Exceptional at building accounting, finance, and reporting solutions to forecast, manage, and drive strategy. Created by entrepreneurs to serve other entrepreneurs, services include people, processes, and systems crucial for growth and success.

Delivers project-based initiatives for corporate clients as proven project partners in accounting, finance, internal audit and technology. Partners with clients to overcome the challenges arising from growth and acquisitions, system implementations, key turnover, special projects, and regulatory changes, and deal with the priorities and goals that push the limits of internal resources.

Provides proven success in assessing, planning, and implementing business enhancements that deliver measurable improvement and transformative results to a wide spectrum of organizations, from mid-market to Fortune 100 companies. Experienced experts in internal audit, risk, compliance, profit and performance improvement, data analytics, cyber security, digital strategy and transformation, and system implementation.

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