Helping Private Equity Companies

focus on what matters most

Our private equity clients are distinguished because, quite simply, they consistently win in the middle market. Atlantix has been the go-to resource for PE’s most consistent and successful brands for a reason. We have an enduring track record of success through an A list of clients coupled with long-standing relationships. We stand by our work and the success of our clients.

History and experience have taught us that most companies in the middle market have basic blocking and tackling issues. You may think you have a “portco problem” — we guarantee we have seen worse and fixed it. We’re extremely good at resolving the issues that prevent portco’s from reaching their strategic goals, freeing you up to focus more on what matters most to you such as: tracking investment performance, pursuing growth initiatives and add-on acquisitions, maximizing exit value and timing. Our value is allowing you to become more agile and respond quicker on the execution of your higher-level strategies by giving you a true line of sight and a clear path forward for each of your investments.



We typically begin our services working within the finance group, which provides us vision into all aspects of the company’s health (Financial Health Check). Practical reporting and proper monitoring tools provide timely indications of strategic progress and insight into process and technology improvement opportunities and their true value to an organization. It’s hard to overstate the importance of operating cash flow, a fundamental measure of debt-service capacity and firm valuation. Cash flow analysis provides an effective look at the financial soul of a company. Whether you are growing or running with a lean in-house ops team, you need to understand how your business is performing…and it starts and ends with cash flow. We are firm believers that the answers are in the details.

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