Atlantix Partners is the result of an arranged marriage, of sorts, and a flight out of Fort Lauderdale on a beautiful south Florida morning.  A mutual private equity client of Alexandra (Alex) Mores and Michael Moffitt had suggested that their respective firms work together and figure out how to combine our services.  In their minds it just made sense.  Alex’s firm, in business since 2000, was one of their preferred partners for finance and accounting consulting and advisory services. Mike’s firm, started in 2007, was one of their preferred partners for information technology services.  Why not combine the two and better serve them?  To help move things along, their mutual client arranged to have both firms on the same engagement and charged them with solving problems together.  Well, it worked.  After two or three engagements, the firm started to come together.  It was finalized in late 2014 when the framework of combining our two business models was nailed down.  The next morning as Michael was flying out of Fort Lauderdale and over the ocean the name Atlantix Partners came to mind, and the rest is history.