Reopening & Recovery – Part 9 – Embrace the Opportunity to Change

  |  June 29, 2020

 “Change is the only constant in life” (Heraclitus).  However today, unexpected change is the new reality.  Is your business taking steps to become more agile to emerge better positioned for the future. Make the best of these times by assessing your organization’s Capabilities Do you have the right skills mix? What gaps and learning opportunities... Read More

Reopening and Recovery Part 7: Embrace Automation, Cloud & Analytics to Drive Efficiencies

  |  June 16, 2020

The booming pre-crisis economy provided companies the leeway to live with inefficient processes that often led to bloated operational bureaucracies and headcounts.  However, the post-COVID 19 reopening and recovery period will require organizations to quickly identify opportunities of doing more with less from a process, operational and talent perspective in order to stay competitive in... Read More

Reopening and Recovery Part 6: Emphasizing Cost Control

  |  June 16, 2020

In this post of our series on re-opening following the #covid19 crisis, we expand on our previous article discussing how IT Cost Control and Improving IT Operations were among the top priorities of IT Leaders. Today we are focusing on the IT Cost Control measures companies can consider right now. Here are some helpful suggestions: Revisit your... Read More

Reopening and Recovery Part 5: Embrace the Cloud

  |  June 16, 2020

As we continue our series on re-opening following the COVID-19 crisis, we shared previously that IT Cost Control and Improving IT Operations were among the top priorities of IT Leaders. Atlantix Partners is advising our clients to embrace Cloud-based solutions for their ERP and other strategic operational systems to help them deliver value to their businesses.... Read More

Reopening and Recovery Part 3: Scenario Planning & Budgeting Process Improvements

  |  June 4, 2020

photo of four people working together around a wooden table

Continuing from our prior post, in addition to addressing cost structures resulting from the impact of COVID-19, senior finance leaders are focusing on “Scenario Planning and Budgeting Process Improvements.” Finance leaders have had to lead a rapid transformation to determine how to effectively plan and forecast for their companies. With change being the new normal, leaders... Read More

Weathering the Storm Part 12: Data Analytics & AI: Machine Learning

  |  June 4, 2020

two people looking over data

In this post on Data Analytics & AI, we introduce the use of machine learning (ML) in forecasting. Traditionally, forecasting techniques like linear regression, moving average and trends have been used to understand and predict business performance using limited sets of (primarily) internal business metrics which are often based on lagging indicators. However, today’s climate... Read More