Reopening and Recovery Part 8: Executives Focus & Outlook

  |  June 29, 2020

Now that the initial shock of the quarantine and pandemic has passed, we are seeing companies pivot. Here are some thoughts from company executives on their focus and recovery expectations.

· Focus on what we can control–morale, employee, sales channel strategy & cost management
· Critical phases of reopening, impact & capital needs
· Planning, analytic measurements & innovation will determine ultimate success
· Develop recovery road map with timelines that align to strategy & forecasts
· Start agile governance program decision making, monitoring, integration & communication

· Recovery has begun, some sectors may expect delays into 2021
· Delay of capital investments, except virtual, automation & cloud-computing technology
· Short-term spikes in sales for certain industries
· Remote work (and/or alternating shifts) will be permanent for some & less office real estate
· Efforts to work on-site affected by expected fall resurgence of virus

Although there is still uncertainty, companies with strong financial positions and strategies will successfully push through the recovery more quickly than their competitors.