Reopening and Recovery Part 4: Refocusing Priorities for IT Leaders

  |  June 16, 2020

Continuing our series, as businesses prepare to re-open following the #COVID-19 shutdown, IT Leaders, too, are faced with a new set of challenges. According to a recent survey by CIO Online, IT managers are focusing on a very different set of priorities than they were six months earlier when Security Management was the top concern.

IT leaders are now focused on three main areas:
• IT Cost Control
• Improving IT Operations and System Performance
• Redesigning Business Processes

With the change in how businesses are operating with remote workers and extensive use of collaboration technologies, successful IT Leaders will drive meaningful change within their organizations that will yield cost savings and improvements. This change must be implemented quickly to achieve and maintain competitive advantage.

We recommend the following actions be considered to address these top concerns:

  1. Accelerate the adoption of Cloud-based software solutions to replace on-premise systems where feasible
  2. Implement Reporting and Business Intelligence tools that allow users to access data anywhere and eliminate manual intervention and data manipulation
  3. Modernize existing business processes to effectively support a virtual workforce